Frequently asked questions

Because we are running a special Pinup Doll Australia All-stars event in 2020, at our new location, we wont have entries for PDA open until October 2020.

There are currently 2 ways to enter:

• If you win/place in a regional pinup competition, between March 2019 to October 2020 and qualify for PDA, you will have an invitation extended to you for automatic entry to Pinup Doll Australia 2021. Should you choose to accept, you will be required to sign our Code of Conduct, sign our rules and guidelines sheets, get your photographer to sign a photo realise and pay an entry fee of $49.95.

•You can enter as a wildcard if you come from an Australia State that does not have many Pinup competition or you do not have access to competing at a local or regional level. We encourage you to submit a short YouTube video to introduce yourself of no more than 5 minutes to from 1/10/20.

What can I win?

Thanks to the hard work of the Pinup Doll Australia 2020-21 team, and the generosity of the many sponsors that have agreed to come on board, we have so many fabulous gifts not just for the winner but for everyone that competes. How many competitions can say that? ​For more insight, please check out our sponsors page.

Are there age requirements?

Yes. Pinup Doll Australia contestants must be at least 18 years old to enter. What is the entry fee, and how do I pay? The entry fee is $49.95 and is payable by PayPal. As Pinup Doll Australia is a non-profit organisation (that’s right, we volunteer our time & resources), the entirety of your entry fee goes towards prize packs and fees that need to be paid in order to run the competition.

Will I get a refund if the event is cancelled?

In the very unlikely event that the Pinup Doll Australia 2021 National Event is cancelled, you will receive a full refund.

Will I get a refund if I can’t make it to Chromefest? Unfortunately we do not give refunds if you can’t make it to the National Titles, or if you change your mind.

What are the categories I will be competing in during Pinup Doll Australia

There are 4 categories that contestants will compete: •

Pinup by day – Any style/type/brand of clothing that a pinup girl would wear during the day. This might be a dress, or capris, or could even be swimwear for example. 

Pinup by night – Any style/type/brand of clothing that a pinup girl would wear at night. This might be a prom dress, a ball gown, or vintage style pyjamas! Please keep in mind that this is a family event and as such no nudity, pasties or see through outfits will be allowed. 

Talent – This could be anything, from decorating cupcakes to ballet to hula-hooping! Again, please keep in mind that this is a family event and as such your performance will need to be G-rated – no nudity, pasties or see through outfits will be allowed. 

Charity – You will be required to raise funds and awareness for a charity of your choice, and you will speak about your chosen charity on stage at Chromefest. Fundraising will be done via everydayhero. ​You will have up to 1 minute on stage to showcase your outfits.

What awards will be given for Pinup Doll Australia 2019?

9Apart from the ultimate title of Pinup Doll Australia 2019, awards will be given for:•Best makeup •Best hair •People’s pinup (voted for by the public) •Best talent •Best wardrobe •Miss Charity (awareness and fundraising) •Miss Congeniality (voted for by contestants) •Spirit of Chromefest (awarded by the organisers) What opportunities exist for the Pinup Doll Australia title holder? The Pinup Doll Australia title holder will be given a “Golden Ticket” to represent Australia at Miss Pinup World in Bristol UK in 2020. Please note that all expenses are the title holder’s responsibility, Pinup Doll Australia cannot fund your airfare or accommodation.