Code of Conduct 2020

Code of Conduct In order to enter Pinup Doll Australia 2020, you must read and agree to the following:

1. Entrants must be over 18 years of age.

2.​ Entrants must identify as a Pinup.

3. Entrants must not be a current or previous National or international competitor or title holder.

4. All photographs submitted will be available on social media for public voting and could be used for promotion and media purposes for Pinup Doll Australia. We require at least 2 photos for use one for social media and one for online voting.

5. All photographs submitted must have a photographer release supplied. 6. Full nudity or sexually explicit images are not permitted in any submitted photographs or on any stage at any Pinup Doll Australia event.

7. An entry fee of $49.95 is payable for participation in the National Titles to be held at Chromefest. Please note: entrants who have received an invitation must pay a one-off $49.95 entry fee. All payments are payable by PayPal to: You must include your pinup name in the notes.

8. Payment of event fee and submission of entry form to Pinup Doll Australia implies acceptance of the code of conduct as outlined.

9. Photographs from prize shoots with sponsors are to be submitted to Pinup Doll Australia for promotional use.

10. Pinup Doll Australia entrants will conduct themselves in a professional, respectful and courteous manner at all times throughout the duration of the competition, the national event and any media opportunities presented by the committee.

11. Pinup Doll Australia entrants will not engage in slanderous, defamatory, or abusive activity against the judges, committee, other entrants or sponsors verbally, in writing or electronic form including and not limited to social media platforms in your legal, pinup, or any other name deemed to be related to you, for example a troll account.

12.Pinup Doll Australia will not tolerate gossiping, bullying, abuse, victimisation or ostracising of any entrants, judges, Sponsors or committee members.

13.Pinup Doll Australia entrants will be responsible for their own actions and any costs or legal action incurred that is brought about by their actions.

14.Illegal behaviour, behaviour that brings Pinup Doll Australia into disrepute or tarnishes the reputation of Pinup Doll Australia, judges, sponsors or committee will not be tolerated and will instantly be disqualified.

15.Pinup Doll Australia reserves the right of entry to entrants that have not received or competed in a title at a national or international level in a pinup or vintage event.

16.Breach of items 9 to 14 could result in counselling from the committee, restrictions on eligibility, removal from an event or removal of a title. All decisions regarding behaviour of a Pinup Doll Australia entrant will be considered in isolation by the committee as a whole, which may result in verbal warning, point loss or instant disqualification and termination of the contract between Pinup Doll Australia and the Entrant.

17.Entrants will not be eligible for a refund of the $49.95 entrant fee if they are found to have breached any part/entirety of the code of conduct as this is considered a termination of the agreed upon contract by the entrant and Pinup Doll Australia.